I want a JS library that analyses search terms as users type them and intelligently suggests filters based on the pattern of the search term.

Alternatives to JS are welcome, although unlikely since the functionality needs to respond quickly to user input. Any alternative needs to be compatible with a .net-based web solution.


My users need to search often and in various data sources to find specific data points. To speed up their process, they want a single search field that performs a search across all data sources.

To streamline the process, I want to identify a search term as (say) a specific type of id so I only need to query data that has that field. However, the user needs to verify that the id type, to avoid false positives that could exclude the correct data source. Also, verification has to be quick and easy so the user's workflow remains optimized. So one search field is all I have to work with.

But you could write it yourself?

Yes, maybe I could, but that is time-consuming and more error-prone. I am still in training and do not have a lot of experience in JS, but I want this to be nice and modular, e.g. I want to be able to add a suggested filter by adding a name and regex to a list or map.

My employer prefers out-of-the-box solutions with as little self-written code as possible anyway, even if it costs them some money.

Existing examples

Azure DevOps has a comparable function in its search field: you can add inline filters like "a:" to filter by the field "Assigned To". E.g. "a:John Doe" searches for items that have an "Assigned To" field and have the value "John Doe" assigned to it.

This is almost what I want to have, except that the DevOps search suggests these filters statically, rather than based on your search term.

For clarity, I have included a quick snip of the Azure DevOps search field and the suggested filters:

Azure DevOps inline search filters


Not big, but if there is any way to solve this problem that involves a minor fee, then I can make a good case for it.

Requirements in order of importance

The functionality must be in JS or otherwise compatible with a .net-based web solution.

The functionality must be easy to maintain, with mapping of filters and regexes.

A small budget can be made available if needed. There is no predetermined limit. Free solutions are preferable, of course.


I want a JS library (or alternative) that can match search terms to regexes, suggest associated filters and add them inline, all at high speed.

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