I went on Safari books online and Pluralsight and I'm finding an ever decreasing list of books/videos for ASP.NET framework in favour of ASP.NET Core. Scott Allen as a for instance wrote the book on ASP.NET framework(in Pluralsight videos) but has few framework courses still on Pluralsight compared to a few short years ago. Core is only 3 years old so surely ASP.NET framework learning resources are still required to maintain and work on the existing projects/apps before the 7 year mark when they should be updated/rewritten not 3/4 years. Is this really down to learning sites profits? Why isnt there an uproar about this? How should I study maintaining my current companies app which is ASP.NET MVC 5 which is 4 years old with only basic/beginner courses?
Is this a good place to ask this question?

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