I run a small web and email service for a very small number of users. I have been using a software package called PWM for password self service and management stuff for my users. This means I got LDAP working, Tomcat8, and such, but just recently it started to give me problems and I couldn't figure it out. It's been difficult to configure since the beginning so I want to just drop it and use something else. I am running Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS.

Does anyone have any idea what other software that I might use that is free? I really can't afford to buy a software package that does this. PWM worked great -- when it worked -- however it was failure prone, likely due to my own inability to configure it properly and it's lack of reliable documentation.

Any recommendations?

Ideally it would have standard email-loop reset, some kind of bot-prevention ability (reCAPTIA or some such), and I'm not sure what else to be honest. Since I've already got LDAP working, I wouldn't mind a solution designed to work with that.

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