I need advice about a technical problem regarding to document generation (PDF, Doc). I want to provide external data and combine that with a predefined template. The goal is to generate a lot of different kind of documents (invoices, information pages, etc..)

Is there a solution that already exists? That works with a flexible template format and can be easily combined with external data like Json/XML. The language does not really matter as long it can be uses in a Saas environment.


  • Sounds like you want a HTML to PDF converter. HTML is arguably the most powerful layout engine out there, so just need to find a HTML to PDF converter. Using HTML as your engine ensures you don't end up in any vendor lock in.
    – Ryan
    Sep 26, 2019 at 5:34

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The Bytescout PDF Generator SDK can successfully create PDF and Docx documents from an HTML source and it offers plenty of customization and fine tuning.

Please check out the following samples:

Disclaimer: I work for Bytescout.


A templating engine such as Jinja or Velocity allows you to define your own document template and then substitute in data. The templates could be used to produce HTML or Markdown that could be converted to PDF using pandoc or other tools.


If you're still looking for converting HTML to PDF as recommended, consider using ePrint. This is an end-user product which can convert to and from multiple different file formats, save, print, email and consolidate files. There's more information on the official site and an evaluation is available as well.

Disclaimer: I work for the company that makes this product.

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