I want to write a Gameboy emulator (in Linux) for learning purposes. I was checking the instructions' results with logging the registers and operations and checking them in my head but as you may guess, it gets exhausting pretty quickly.

Everything was going pretty well until 0xcd operation that i encounter. It led proccess counter to go to echoram and do unexpected things (like after a point PC register(uint8_t) overflowed and started from 0x0000). So i thought i should have a debugger to solve these kind of issues. I tried binjgb but it doesnt even build. See my issue.

I dont have Wine installed, so i couldnt try emulators that work under Windows. I can install Wine but it would be overkill and it might only be last resort.

So, is there any emulator with good debugging features that i can work with, possibly for native Linux.

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