I got a VPS which is in fact an OpenVZ container - of course I don't have access to the host machine and VPS provider says that they don't do backups of single containers, probably only the host machine, but it doesn't matter. Anyways, apache2 web server and mySQL database are installed and running. It serves as an online store so it's running 24/7/365 thus it cannot be shutdown or suspended just like that.

I am currently looking for a solution that would periodically backup this (don't ask why, I just kind of inherited it) machine during runtime.

I am not sure whether doing that with some simple tool like rsync or similar is the proper way to do it. With constant changes to the server it could be (?) incostistent and unable to restore. I am struggling to find any useful information on the internet.

So my question is, what is the proper way to backup Linux systems during runtime? Are my doubts regarding backup consistency true or it depends on the solution used? Is it better to backup the entire Linux OS every time or just its components regularly like mySQL in this case?

Any software recommendations are welcomed. Just in case, the tool needs to be installed directly on the server, be command line friendly (ofc no GUI installed) and have ability to save files in remote locations.

  • Not really on topic for softwarerecs - more of a sysadmin issue. Ask on superuser or unix.se – ivanivan Sep 19 '19 at 12:36

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