Suppose I want to find a list of videos which contain a list of specific words in its subtitle.

For example, let's say that I have a list of 1,000 words that I want to search for. I need a software or a search engine that give me a list of videos which contains most of the words in this "1,000 words list". Maybe some videos that cover X words from the list and then more videos that cover Y other words from the list etc. until I get a list of subtitles that put together most of "my 1,000 words list".

You might ask why I need such weird software … so, I learn vocabulary best when I see it in movies or series, so I'm looking for software that can recommend me which movies or series to watch in order to cover many as possible words from the "Learning vocabulary list".

Is there a software or a search engine which possibly can do it?

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