Currently, my server use ABC pdf to generetate PDF. but my client wants to change another software to generate PDF on the server (please see the list below) - PDF Split and Merge - CutePDF - PDFSam - ABBYY FineReader I do a lot of search on Google but it still not clear. Could you give me a recommendation and advices for this! Currently, we are using ABCPdf for generating Pdf to users from doc files, image files, and to snapshot an URL then generate it to PDF.

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  • What operations, exactly, do you need to do? You mentioned converting .doc and image files to PDF as well as fetching a website to a PDF. Is there anything else? – markasoftware Sep 18 at 5:23

If you’re looking for a library that can be used server-side to convert different image and document formats to PDF, one option is the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK. (Disclosure: I'm a LEAD employee).

The SDK supports splitting, merging and converting, from and to PDF, among other features.

If you also need to convert text in images to searchable PDF, you can add the OCR option to the SDK.

There’s a free evaluation edition you can try, which includes free tech support. So if there’s any feature you need and you’re not sure if it’s included in the SDK, you can contact support with your questions.

  • Thanks for your comment, I will noted your answer. – NP90s Sep 20 at 4:49

You can use Syncfusion .Net PDF library to create, read, and edit PDF documents programmatically.

With this library you can convert HTML,Word and Images to PDF.

Please find the some helpful links to get started.

To find more details refer the PDF help documentation.

(Disclosure: I'm working for Syncfusion).


If you are looking for a searchable PDF automation solution, please have a look at OCRvision. If you configure the network scanner output folder as a magic folder OCRvision is free for personal use. You need to buy a license if you are planning to use this software for a commercial purpose.

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