1) What I want to do: I'd like to create "virtual subaccounts" for my debit account to keep track of expenses.

E.g: debit account --> groceries

  • Regular "virtual payment" to groceries every month

  • Automatically assign new transactions with e.g. the word "Walmart" in the Description to groceries and subtract the amount from the "groceries"-account.

2) What I've tried in GnuCash:

  • I successfully imported csv transactions from csv

  • I assigned the bulk to the debit account

  • I assigned individual transactions to liability accounts in expenses during import

3) In Homebank.

  • Homebank imports transactions well and auto-assigns them easily to categories.

  • But creating Sub-Accounts is not possible

GnuCash seems to do what I want, but it always wants to reconcile payments and mixes up new transactions with old ones randomly during import. Also I have to delete transactions one at a time, when I've made a mistake during CSV-importing.

Can you recommend software, which is able to do, what I want, but a bit more user-friendly than GnuCash?

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