n Safari (both in iOS and in the web version), there is an option in the "Privacy" section called "stop cross-tracking." This option prevents the correct operation of our solution (iframe-based chatbot for different websites ). The problem is, that when user leaves data in the chatbot, the user’s dialogue with the bot is recorded. This data is sent using an AJAX request to the address of our domain on a remote server. On the server, the data is processed and an html letter is generated, within which the user-chatbot dialogue is displayed and information from the form fields (name, email, phone and text note). The problem is not observed on any platform, with the exception of Safari, provided that the "prevent cross-tracking" option is enabled. Unfortunately, in recent versions of Safari, this option is enabled by default. In general, the problem is that if this option is enabled, then the data, collected during the dialogue between user and chatbot does not reach server. And as a result, the automatically generated letter comes empty (the dialog is not fixed, the data is also). If this option is disabled in the settings, then everything works correctly.

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