I went trough quite a few budgeting web services / phone apps with the features below and could only found one (PocketSmith), but it suddenly stopped syncing EU banks. It would be great to have any suggestion on a budgeting service with the following features:

  • [required] both web platform and mobile app
  • [required] automated sync with banks from US and EU, or at least from EU
  • [required] handling of multiple currencies (so that all transactions appear with the same base currency, whatever their original currency)
  • [required] categories and subcategories, customizable
  • [required] import of transaction files with categories (and ideally subcategories) information
  • [required] budgeting
  • [required] multi-users or at least possibility of several users using the same account at the same time
  • [preferred] with an API

Any suggestion would be very welcome,


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