I am a Java developer and have recently moved to UI development due to project needs. This project is using sprint boot for back-end and plain HTML/CSS/JS, along with Bootstrap 4 and jQuery for front-end.

While we are using JUnit for unit testing in Java. I'm not sure/familiar with what can I use for Unit testing in javascript. Most of the JS unit testing tools (Mocha/Chai/Jest/Enzyme) on internet are supposedly for framework-based javascript projects(ReactJS, Angular etc.). While what I need is a unit testing tool/library/framework that are good for my plain javascript methods.

These method perform tasks like generating dynamic HTML element (lists, user-profiles etc.) based on Ajax responses, adding-removing/ enabling-disabling multiple elements etc.

Please suggest a Unit Testing tool for the above requirement, can be used for plain javascript. Feel free to ask doubts.

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