I am not sure whether it is still possible in 2019 to have a mature IDE on windows that enables hybrid app development, like cordova / capacitator or what have you, with the possibility to debug on locally/remotely attached devices (no emulator, I mean the actual hardware device). In particular IOS debugging seems, for the uninitiated like myself, to be an issue.

I know that the visual studio 2017 cordova tools did just that I am seeking while having an interface to a macOS system with remotebuild, but support seemed to have dropped and that solution nowadays only seems to work with deep knowledge on how to fine tune an macos build machine to run older versions of software like xcode and such. And even if I did got that working then I am uncomfortable developing on really old versions of the software stack as that might lead to issues when wanting to publish to the public via official channels.

VS code is recommended by MS as an alternative but I can't find any comprehensive documentation on achieving something similar to the following:

  • mature IDE for hybrid app development on a windows OS with debugging and intellisence.
  • accompanied with all the requirements for real device debugging (e.g. Android SDK, remote macos with xcode and remotebuild)

Can anyone please guide me to today's solution for something similar?


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