I have a Vue web application built on top of Laravel framework. I am currently using Vuex to store some global state-related data and it's persisting thanks to vue-persistedstate that uses LocalStorage to make sure the data is still there after page reload. But when I want to store file uploads, the max storage capacity of LocalStorage on most browsers maxes out at around 5MB.

I had thought of the following alternatives:

  1. IndexedDB: Although this doesn't work on all browsers so it's not a safe option
  2. Laravel: Sending the images to the webserver and storing it temporarily so that it can be retrieved later if needed. (But it has to be deleted if in case the user exits that particular route and there's no need for the image files anymore, or we have permanently stored the image file urls to another table, where we store rest of the saved image urls.)

Is there a better option available to store huge files temporarily and can work on all browsers?

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