So, let's say I'm selling web design by means of a white labeled website builder. I sign you up for 1) my website builder 2) domain name from lets say enom 3) hosting from let's say InMotion Hosting 4) SSL from Comodo, and I sell you on Local SEO (fulfilled by my local SEO vendor), Email Marketing Campaign, Business VOIP and a toll free number. Nice little package there.

Assuming that my only resource is the website builder, I still have to:

  • Create your Initial Customer File with initial data
  • Let your choice service tier plus A la cart options
  • Run your payment
  • Confirm Payment
  • Green light Your Deliverables
  • Create your Domain Name
    • Provision your Web Space / Hosting
    • Assign an IP Address
    • Request/Install the SSL Certificate
    • Set you up with SEO platform, like a dashboard on a subdomain with your domain (seo.yourname.com)
    • Set up Your Email Campaign Software license within a subdomain main (mailchimp.domain.com)
    • Create you VoiP account and link that dashboard to a subdomain (voip.domain.com)
    • Link your toll free number to your VOIP (or letter VOIP rep handle that).
  • All that, before I even send you over a file request for company assets, copy, etc.

How do I automate this, or at least get the workflow down to the most basic so I can train someone to be the client onboarding specialist?

Ideally... software that incorporates APIs, something along the lines of WHCMS.

Any suggestions?

  • As asking for howtos is off-topic here, it must not only "ideally" be software (but all else doesn't fit here). So: what OS shall it run on, how much may it cost if it comes to paid software – and what is WHCMS? – Izzy Sep 12 '19 at 6:40

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