Good day software community,

I just want to ask, what is the general consensus on using very similar code from tutorials and such, into my own projects?

If I were to guess, I'm pretty sure I can follow along, say, a date picker tutorial for iOS and use that portion of code into my project. This is because date picker function is extremely simple in Swift. In other words, I am sure people have repeated the same code to implement date picker into their own project. This is common sense; the simpler the code, the more acceptable it is to copy it into one's own project.

However, what if the code involves something more complex? Such as implementing a popup window? The purpose of the popup window may be different than what is shown in the tutorial, but setting up the custom popup window requires much more work than the date picker. Yet, if one were to come up with a way to create his/her own popup window, there must be similarities in creating the classes, etc.

I really hope that made sense. To clarify, I am in no way talking about copying app ideas, or complicated concepts. I am talking about specific components, such as a (what is described above, a popup window), or things like animation movements.

Again, hope that made sense. Thanks for your help.

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