My team is looking for a tool or a library that can generate printable, emailable report in pdf format for our API requests.

We have a Postman collections with all our end points tested, however there is no way to export the results in pdf format.

What we are looking for is a document that includes an easy to read Business Document style of API request and its response. For example for this JSON response we want an automated report like the one below:

  "id": 42,
  "date": 1492012745,
  "company": {
    "name": "myCompany",
    "address": "here",
    "city": "Notfar",
    "postalCode": 123456
  "customer": {
    "name": "myCustomer",
    "address": "there",
    "city": "Faraway",
    "postalCode": 654321
  "products": [
      "name": "product 1",
      "priceUnit": 0.1,
      "quantity": 10,
      "priceTotal": 1
      "name": "product 2",
      "priceUnit": 0.2,
      "quantity": 20,
      "priceTotal": 4
      "name": "product 3",
      "priceUnit": 0.3,
      "quantity": 30,
      "priceTotal": 9
  "total": 14

enter image description here

This tool should automatically generate a table like above from a request body and response body. Any ideas?

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