Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

I have been looking to make bots that post to instagram. It seems that it is simple enough using some python code. I dug a little and found that there are many user based APIs and bots that help facilitate this. I am wondering if anyone knows the pros and cons of each. I mainly want to make posts but since growing a following is technically the goal, some of the features on other bots become attractive. I might consider writing my own code to post and having another bot run with the same credentials to manage the commenting/liking/following.

I found: https://github.com/instabot-py/instabot.py https://github.com/LevPasha/Instagram-API-python https://github.com/instagrambot/instabot https://github.com/timgrossmann/InstaPy

As well as some other user made APIs that seemed outdated. Should I just write my own code or are there benefits to using these bots/apis with a little customization? Does anyone have any experience? Not getting banned from insta would also be nice. Thanks ^_^

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