First, Sorry for my english,

I Have a service fabric that will handle requests for document export, each export request will be treated separately (there is a connection to database and a there is a call for external webservice to generate document and send mail).

The service fabric will contain a stateless service that will expose an action "ExportDocument" to handle these requests.

Each export request can take between 1 and 10 min to generate a document. My concern is how to guarantee the performance, the concurrency and ensure a good workload distribution across all cluster nodes (in parallel).

I thought about using service fabric actors(IExportRequestActor) because it's great for handling many small parallel operations. So my webapi stateless service will instantiate an new actor instance per HttpRequest (my webapp can handle a million of http requests.) is this a good idea to use Actors ? or simply use a webapi stateless service (a thread per http request).

thanks for your help and again sorry for my english.

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