I've been looking at various gif optimizers and converters and I couldn't find one that would work good for me.

The function in the app I'm looking for is comparing frames of an animated gifs, determining which consecutive frames are similar enough to unnoticeably remove them and merge their display duration.

For example, frames 2 through 5 are the same, and each of them is shown for 0.02 second. Frames 3,4,5 are deleted and frame 2 is shown for a total of 0.08 seconds.

What application or an image-processing toolkit has the ability to do that automatically? I'm not looking for solutions that mean I will have to compare the frames myself (like using Photoshop or Gimp for this).

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    Is any operating system (Linux, Android, etc) OK? – Nicolas Raoul Dec 2 '15 at 11:05
  • I did it on Windows using ImageMagick, but I suppose answers for other OSes would be useful too. – user1306322 Dec 9 '15 at 14:50

ImageMagick is a well-known commandline app that has been around for a while and it claims to do exactly what you are asking. According to the documentation, here is the command to do so:

  convert moving_hole_oplus.gif -coalesce -layers RemoveDups  gif:- |\
     gif_anim_montage - moving_hole_oplus_rmdups_frames.gif


It is sort of a steep learning curve when creating gifs through gimp, but once you can tell which can be kept, and which can be safely deleted after using Filters - Animation - Optimize (for GIFs), you can shave off some KBs before resizing. Of course you can recheck the 'project' before exporting it into a gif format.

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