I built a REST API which handles all requests (e.g. CRUD requests for some objects in a database), like loading the available objects, showing them to the user by creating new rows in a table and handling create/update/remove requests when it is done.

Right now, we have done this by storing the required information (e.g. the ID for a book) in the ID of the row and parsed it and used it in each request (which is a bad approach as you may guess). As the API grows bigger and more advanced, this is not really an option anymore since we may need 2 or more objects.

I am not unsure what technology we should use for loading, allowing to let the user edit it in the browser and sending it back to the server - right now, we are creating static templates with Hugo and I would prefer to keep it that way (which makes it hard to use Angular if I read that correctly).

I am not a big fan of Javascript frameworks as it increases the amount of data which is required to load the page, but I think it makes a lot of things easier at the moment.

I would like to use a framework that works with the following things:

  • Integration with Hugo is possible
  • Load Data from WebAPI (we done this using the normal XMLHTTPAPI)
  • Allow users to update the data in the webbrowser (we used a static div and just wrote the current values into the input fields and read them from there afterwards and used them in the API request)
  • Good Documentation/Tutorials

It feels like this is a pretty normal task, but so far I did not find anything that feels really suitable for our needs.

Thank you for your answers and best regards,

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