I have a unique requirement where we have around a dozen field technicians who collect client information , they dont have internet access so whatever information is captured has to be on their local instance and once their machine connects to the internet , it should automatically sync up between the master and local instances.Changes are also made on the master instance so the syncing has to be bidirectional. Which database would best suit the following requirements.

  • What you want is a DB that can be used offline then sync with the main DB. I've never heard of a db like this plus there are syncing problems. What if 2 different techs edit the same record, then when it comes time to sync, which edit has precedence? A human must decide this for every case like this. These are details that need serious consideration or it can blow up on you and be much more work than expected especially as you get more techs making more edits per day. – Bulrush Sep 11 '19 at 10:55

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