My Requirement Need to choose a right Azure Storage for my app.

I have gone thru' different articles in net but I am not able to understand which would perfectly suit my case. I read about Data Lake,Cosmos DB, Blob storage, Document DB... But I am confused which would best suit my app process in terms of process of querying, scalability, performance and also importantly cost effectiveness.

My App Process My app is to receive huge data from millions of devices and sensors.

  • The expected data will be temperature from sensor,pressure level at device, on\off state of a device ...
  • Data from different devices can be expected to be received at every millisecond interval.

Choice of storage option should be considered w.r.t the below mentioned activities

  1. The huge data thus received needs to be stored at the selected back-end data storage store.
  2. The latest data needs to be retrieved to display back in UI gadgets (gauge, chart,map...)
  3. Lists of historic data needs to be displayed as per the selected criteria.
  4. Master Data needs to be maintained for the smooth running of the app.
  5. Huge Data is involved, so storage needs to be cost effective and cheap as it is primarily targeted to small scale business.

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