I need help in choosing the right technology stack for my client's project. The website will provide services for pets by connecting the pet owner to the pet sitter, walker, etc.. There will be no physical products to sell on the website. It will be just services like walking, grooming., etc for the customer to choose from the website. The website will primarily connect the pet walker or the pet sitter to the customer in getting these services. https://www.rover.com is a good example of what I am trying to build. We will also be building mobile apps for the same.

My experience is mostly in PHP and Python. I have worked primarily on Magento, Codeigniter and Django based projects. But now I started learning NodeJs and I started liking it. So I thought of trying this new website using MEAN stack. But I don't know if NodeJs is right for such a website. Should I use Nodejs for such a website? Or should I stick to Python or PHP?

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