My situation is to real-time share of my code with my audience with these requirements.

  1. I would like to use code editor (C language) that works directly with my local file (quick CTRL + S for save, etc. – no copy & paste from web editor into local editor).
  2. My audience can watch and copy my real-time shared code on their laptops. Just read-only mode – no update of my code. They have different OS, programs – I don't want to force them to install additional software. Probably, the best situation is that they watch the sharing code in their web browsers (without registration needed).

My investigation so far:

  1. Atom with Teletype or Visual Studio Code Live Share look nice but require the same software on the side of the "watchers".
  2. https://codebunk.com, etc. satisfy watching code in web browser but I can not directly work with my local file.
  • OP, firecode.io is a tool that lets sites collaborate with code live. The site has links to other sites that use Firecode. Try there.
    – Bulrush
    Commented Sep 10, 2019 at 12:52

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I created a simple single-page application based on https://firepad.io editor that I can hosted on some freeware hosting. One version is read-only for my audience and one version I can use to update the content.


You could have a webserver on some VPS somewhere, and mount a directory in the DocumentRoot for the site to your local machine (I use Linux, so I could do this with sshfs as can Macs I think). Keep your source code there, and you'll have what appears to be local-to-you editing of files that as you hit save they are instantly re-published to the website. Your viewers could simply load the relevant files in their web browser of choice.

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