I would like to connect to multiple server at the same time to monitor multiple server (>3) without disconnect/connect.

For the moment, I'm using Sophos SSL VPN Client with 3 different configurations. I can only be connected one at a time. To have a simultaneous connection, I'm using also SonicWall Global VPN Client. I can only have 2 connections at the same time, I would like a least 3.

I have no money restrictions. I'm looking for a software that can allow to have multiple connection at the same time. I prefer not to use VM's. I'm aware that multiple opened connection is a security risk. Network and VPN are not my specialty, but I can manage to edit my router configuration if needed.

The purpose is to jump from one RDP to another with one clic.

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Viscosity seems to do the trick. I just can't manage how to import a .rcf file from SonicWall. However I succeed to have 3 simultaneous connection with Viscosity thanks to the Split DNS option a priori.

In fact I had to deactivate DNS mode.

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