Question: Hey guys, there is an e-commerce website which has lots of images & stuffs, it makes REST API & GraphQL calls to get the contents. The task is to determine performance of the website under some load, would protocol-based load tests be enough or do i need to go for browser-based load tests? And which tool would you guys suggest?

Thanking you.


Well-behaved load test should mimic real users using real browsers so from the application under test point of view it should be no difference so consider simulating:

  1. Handling embedded resources (images, fonts, scripts, styles, etc) in the way browsers do
  2. Don't forget about Cache because browsers fetch these resources only once (or according to Cache-Control headers
  3. Handling AJAX requests in the way browsers do
  4. Handling Cookies in the way browsers do
  5. You might still want to use 1 virtual user with 1 real browser driven i.e. via Selenium to check client-side performance, rendering speed, etc.

With regards to the tool you can consider using Apache JMeter as its:

  1. Free and open source
  2. Capable of behaving like a real browser
  3. Capable of simulating AJAX requests
  4. Can be integrated with Selenium
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  • Thanks Dmitri. I've taken care of the first 3 points & it's working. Yet to explore the 4th one (integration of jmeter with selenium) – Jinesh Khimsaria Sep 23 '19 at 9:13

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