I have recorded long video lectures using OBS Studio to share with children. However, I have noticed that OBS failed to capture certain parts of what I wanted to be show to my students. I think this could be encoding issues because of GPU overload.

Anyhow, now I'm having to watch each of my recordings at 12x speed to verify whether all the recordings are fine. This is very tiring. I can barely focus on the videos at such a speed for more than a minute or two. Consequently, I can't verify more than 3 recordings in one complete day.

I think it would be better if I could view all the video frames along a timeline. That would increase my speed as I'd simply have to scroll through the timeline to look for 15 second/20 second/30 second periods in the video which don't have any video frames.

Any suggestions? It'd be great if the software is free.

I'm using Windows-10(64-bit).

I tried Openshot but it lacks such a capability.

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