I am now approaching the billing/payment side of my flutter app. I'm analysing and looking at all the different platforms that integrate with flutter for Payment.

However, I have a few special needs:

a) I need a payment system that goes beyond simple visa. It needs to be direct debit. b) It needs to work with all card types, including Maestro c) Ideally, and this is a nice to have, it should allow me to create clients accounts, or work with me as a wholesaler. That means that I can resell my app - and create for my clients a payment system for them. I definitely don't want or intend to have any commission from this, but I need to setup the payment system for each client.

What are my options?

I am really surprised, but it appears that Google Pay is not yet available on Flutter. That's quite surprising.

What are your thoughts or recommendations?

What is the best payment system that integrates with Flutter?

Thank you

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