Currently I'm making a statistics tool for a game I'm playing with PyQt5. I'm not happy with my current graphing library though. In the beginning I've used matplotlib, which was way too laggy for my use case. Currently I have pyqtgraph, which is snappy, but is missing useful features.

The Python graphing library selection is overwhelming, which is why I'm asking here for a recommendation.

Things that I need the library to support:

  • PyQt5 integration
  • plot layout in a grid
  • performant navigation
  • scatter plots, simple and stacked bar charts

Things that I don't strictly require, but would be really useful:

  • log scale support (specifically for y-axis)
  • tooltip support, or alternatively click callback support
  • plot legend
  • datetime axes support (like in matplotlib)
  • configurable colors, scatter spot sizes, bar widths, etc.

Good documentation would be nice as well.

This is the direction that it's supposed to look like (library used in screenshots is pyqtgraph, which is missing some features).

First screenshot, featuring 4 scatter plots with up to 3000 points each

Second screenshot, showing a simple bar graph and a stacked bar graph with legend

I would be really grateful for some recommendations!

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