I have some code in Java, started learning very recently, and ended up mainly using Atom for the writing. I have all the extentions such as terminal-plus, script, build, so on, but only know to test the output so far.

I am currently trying to use the Scanner method inside a try {} finally {} statement, but to test if it works, I need a user input that will trigger the output. What do I do about that?

If possible, I would like the fastest and simplest way to write the user input -> maybe inside the Java code itself if there is a function like this, without using external consoles; -> Or if not possible, then a program to use instead of Atom, that provides some sort of input and output window space? I just want to see what the user would see, and work around that.

So far I've only worked with js and html, so I'm used to having some browser window view, where I can create a typing space and buttons and it all works as simple and intuitively as that.

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