I'm simply looking for a media center that doesn't treat the play queue as an afterthought, tucked in and hidden in some submenu as though it were a seldom used advanced option the way Kodi's official skin does.

I'm assuming that the quickest way to do this is to just find a decent skin for Kodi that doesn't force me to exit the video view and go look for a button just to access and navigate the play queue.

The skin:

  • Has a button or similar on the video player's on screen menu that opens the play queue.
  • The play queue is displayed as e.g. an overlaid sidebar in the video player, i.e. no needless context switching.
  • It's possible to browse and use that sidebar to navigate between entries in the queue.

For some reason the Plex team are the only ones I've seen who seem to understand this simple use case, as seen in their Kodi addon. It's pretty much ideal except that it's an addon and not a skin, and hence only works for media served from a Plex server.

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