I went to the job interview for front-end development by using react.js... So, they gave me a task about that get-post json files with axios, I mean http requests. So, I'm confused about my task.

They do e-bill services, how can I use react.js for that way? What is this e-bill service? I can't find any source to develop myself about it, I learnt react.js after the job interview but I do not know what to do, how to do, how to convert my codes as e-bill thing? I can get data, I can post data, how can I use those things for that? They also use .net for back-end of it. But I have no idea about .net yet.

Also they wanted me to code it as type-script but I do not even know how to do it as java-script.

I know that what I wrote is a bit confused but this is what I am now. Please help me about those things. Have a nice day all.

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