I'm on a time trial to develop & deliver a simple challenge for a job interview: a web application to manage contacts (email, name, phone, address, postal code, ...) .i e., that allows creating new contacts, editing and listing the existent ones and import data from CSV files.

I have little time to do it (till next Wednesday, i. e. one week), so I'm asking for advice on the best tools to choose from.

My background: In the last year and a half I've done mostly front-end development (jQuery/JavaScript/AJAX/JSON/Bootstrap/HTML/CSS) and a little bit of REST API development (C#). In the past I've fully developed a (more complex) web application with Struts 2 (plus JSP, EclipseLink JPA, MySQL, jQuery/JavaScript/AJAX, HTML/CSS and Ink (CSS framework - discontinued by now, I would switch to Bootstrap) - but this was 4 years ago.

I read a little bit on this topic and I'm also considering these options, supposedly with a smooth learning curve:

Django - I've learned Python, but it was over 10 years ago and not in a web context

Ruby On Rails/Sinatra - I've started a tutorial on both some years ago but never finished due to a new job at the time.

So is it a no brainer - should I go for Struts 2, although it's been 4 years? And can I simplify the other technologies, somewhere on the stack?

Final thoughts: I have almost zero experience with PHP (and some with C#, but almost entirely in a non-web context). I usually prefer using Ubuntu-based distros on a regular basis. Given the tight timeline, I need to use something easy to learn for a regular junior developer. Thanks.

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