As a developer I'm working on a multi-process/service application. I'm looking for a tool, that can start/stop, perhaps monitor my services in the user space.

I found process monitoring tools, but all seem to be targeting the OS level. Monit e.g. might be good for my usecase, but it seems still a bit heavyweight. So is systemd.

Expected functionality:

  • give a tool to developers to manage all the application processes they work on
  • ideally store script in git with the application source code (this is not a must)
  • list services in a config file
  • mytool all start -> start all services within project root e.g. /home/myname/workspace/project
  • create PID file for each service
  • redirect stdout to a log file
  • mytool foo stop or mytool foobar restart
  • optinally: continue to run as a daemon, and be able to monitor / alert for dead processes with some rules

So basically what the services command does in Ubuntu, but manage simple user space command.

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http://lxinitd.tp23.org/ might fit that purpose. It was designed it as an alternative for systemd for use in LXC containers. It has simple service management, when run as /sbin/init it reads just /etc/rc.local with a list of services.
It can be run as a user space application using a different configuration file. It only starts & restarts failed services, it monitors their pids, (either child's pid or reading a pid file) if they are killed restarts them.

e.g. create a script like this and execute it


service /run/somed.pid /sbin/somed
service /run/nginx.pid /sbin/nginx

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