I need a software to live streaming broadcast from my web application

Hi there,

Hope you are doing great. We are developing a system where we need one module called live streaming. What we are doing is, for example a user come to our website, create login make a membership plan then he/she will able to create his/her channel. After creating channel, he will be able to maintain it and go live whenever he/she need according to the predefined time. The user who followed him/her can able to see in upcoming stream that this celebrities going to live on this date or time (All will be mentioned). So when times come before it we send a message and email to user for live stream. Once user will get alter then, they need to login and come live through there dashboard provided by my web application.

Now i tried with Youtube live streaming. I'm a technical person but i didn't found any help how to broadcast from your server or application to Youtube. As we know we can go live from you tube...But i dont want to frustrate the user to go there, i want everything on my side.

User need to turn on mic and camera then the streaming will start. So there will be many users and many channel and many live broadcast at the same time many users will maintain through our system.

But i know this is a difficult thing and costly i need suggestions and recommendations from you please.

Which software i need to use. to broadcast live sessions from my admin panel?

If someone will help me in you tube api that will be preferable too.

My system is On Php Laravel all custom design and development. Thanks Digimark Developer

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