I, along with three other people, are assigned a project for our upper-level college course. We are responsible for creating a mobile application for our schools golf team. Here are the specifications from the coach himself:

"The players on the team, or myself, will enter the data for the practice record.

I will need myself, our sports management intern, and the 7 players on our roster currently (potentially up to 10 players on the roster) to have access to the data.

Ideally, front end this would be a Mobile App that the guys could use on course WHILE they’re playing golf, and can enter in real time as they play. As far as the functions, I basically just need this to do exactly what the spreadsheet does currently – I’m really looking for the players to be able to click a button in the app, then speak into the phone (for example – “Tee Shot 356”) and have the app record that data for that shot. The way we do it currently is the guys write the information down as they play, and then either I or they enter the data into the spreadsheet later that evening. Usually this takes about 10-15 minutes per 18 hole round per player – if I ended up doing this for the entire roster it was adding multiple hours to my analysis of the data, each day, after practice was over. If the players could enter as they play, and I could see the data come in in real time and be able to speak to the team about it as practice ends, that would be ideal! Not sure if feasible…let me know what you think."

So pretty much we have to create a mobile application where players can use voice commands as an input to record their golf shot distance. My question is how do we go about this? What tools/resources do we use to create the application? Should we use the excel sheet and connect it to the mobile application or should we use MySQL? How would we be able to use voice recognition as an input and receive the desired output? How do we connect all these together and how can i connect the data of user input into something we can present?

I just want to say that my group and I do not have extensive knowledge in programming. We were assigned this project with very foundational and introductory programming knowledge.

  • Keep it very , very simple. Even more simple than that. You don't say how long you have, but do say that you programming novices. Forget voice activation, for instance. – Mawg says reinstate Monica Sep 4 '19 at 9:23
  • 1
    Thanks for the input. I was looking for more help on what resources and application tools i should use to build this. We have all the data from excel sheets, we just need to integrate it all into one application. What resources and do we need? – Nathan Chung Sep 12 '19 at 16:04

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