We have a bit of an issue with the quality of our data in my company where the data in a process passes through many systems. We have looked at and are using BluePrism for automating tedious manual tasks.

What we want now is an AI based tool that will search out for discrepancies and errors within our data across multiple systems and correct where appropriate. For example ifIf this is just to be a rules based solution, then BluePrism can do that for us, but I want something more.

I want AI to find new data issues that we haven't found or considered and take corrective action.

I want AI to tell me how it thinks the data got into an incorrect state so that we can fix the cause of the issue and stop reoccurrence.

Am I asking too much?

  • "Am I asking too much?" I'm not an expert, but I sincerely believe you are. AI's don't magically know things. – Eric Shain Sep 3 '19 at 18:32
  • But they can learn, right? Like how Apple Photos works by asking you if certain people are your family members and then it learns to identify them in different backgrounds and images – Harry Sep 4 '19 at 8:19
  • You have to teach AI algorithms. This mean perhaps demonstrating hundreds or thousands of examples of both good and bad instances where you’ve identified truth. – Eric Shain Sep 4 '19 at 14:09

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