I'm newbie.

Sorry to bother you, but i've been searching the net a lot without any success.

I have an android App with the Here mobile sdk integrated. I principally use it for knowning the exact distance travelled for a car, with the function GetElapsedDistance().

I end up there (with the sdk) because when it was time of doing the calculation, i used to receive many errors on the finall acount, because the mobiles GPS aren't accurate on the position reported.

Principally when a car is stoped on a light, the GPS report many different point on track. This gives errors on the final calculation.

So, is it any library for this kind of trouble ? with an algoritm or something to solve this problem ? and i can stop using the SDK wich clearly has one.

Note: on my country, due to the price of the dollar this has become a necessity.

Thank you very much for your help.

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