I'm looking for a word processor or a note taking app that works on either Windows,Linux or Android that is capable of showing a dropdown menu of predefined snippets(templates) to be entered and customized.

Take the following example, a drug store employee would like to write a document with purchases to be made to restock the inventory, most of what he/she writes is repeatable each time and consist of the following:

${drug name+optional dose}     ${company name}     ${number of packs to be ordered}

so the items(drugs) can be saved as snippets and used when writing the order sheet, the closest software i could find that has similar features is Visual studio code (a lot of programming IDEs have this functionality but VScode is the one I tried): vscode snippets feature

Some problems with the VScode/IDEs approach:

1- VScode is a text editor and not word processor so it doesn't have formatting options for the text.

2- The creation of snippets files involves editing text files with specific format and strict syntax which is a bit involved and time consuming especially for employees who are used to Microsoft word approach of configurations(menus ,clickable buttons and shortcuts) as opposed to the programmer approach (editing text files)

So to summarize I would like an app that:

1- works on Windows/Linux or Android or preferably both (works on desktop and mobile devices), or a web app.

2- allows easy addition of snippets not using text files or convoluted menus, an example of easy addition is writing the snippet/template in the page and then highlighting the line using the mouse, then there should be an option on right click or a keyboard short cut to add the selected line as a snippet.

3- (optionaly) has a placeholder feature similar to VScode snippets (using $1, $2.... to define the place of cursor after the snippet is inserted)

Feel free to comment if you know of any software that has only one point of the above so i can test and see if i can live with only some features

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