I am looking for a simple framework to build up a configuration tool, much like the ones we see in wifi/internet routers and appliances em general.

I am developing a data collector based on Raspberry/OrangePi. The data collector software itself is already working, but it need the user choose a working mode from a selection, which in turn, will change how the wired and wireless interfaces are setup (in a mode, the wired interface receives its IP from a external DHCP server, in another mode of operation, the raspberry/orangePi will start with a fixed ip and it will run a dhcp server itself). I need a way to inform the SSID/passphase of the available wi-fi network to connect it to and display popup messages in case of errors and informational messages.

This raspberry/orangePi will not have a display, neither a keyboard/mouse. It is headless. I tough a web interface could guide the user to setup the raspberry/OrangePi in its different modes of operation. One single page can to the trick. I need a form to type a password, and radio buttons to choose between available modes.

For sure I can use PHP and wrote the code from scratch. But I was looking for a module or a framework with all stuff pre-built, so I don't have to deal with input validation and raw formatting the page but instead, starting with templates, and pre-build themes.

Of course I need to run privileged commands as root, so the user selection needs to change the device configuration; I think it is a point, since, as far I understand, web applications runs a non-privileged user, but in my case, it needs to.

No database is needed. Just plain text files can handle simple configuration or even better, just looking at the device configuration to know which is the current configuration was set.

A web interface is a must, since an alternative based in, lets say, curses, it is not fancy or user friendly to connect to as is a web page.

I am an experienced programmer in bash, python and Java (for Android). I am not a PHP programmer, although I already created some very simple applications in PHP. So this explains why don't know what is available when we are talking about web applications. But if PHP has a framework I have no problems to learn how to use it.

I have no experience at all with CSS, javascript and DOOM. But again, if there is a framework based on theses technologies, I would like to know.

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