I’m going to relocate to https and to do some modifications of my site. One of them is to change addresses of some pages. For example, the following pages


will have new address


Search engine expert told that I should have the following chain of 301 redirects:

http://site.com/dir/pageone.php ->
https://site.com/dir/pageone.php ->

the same for the rest pages …
It is possible to set the first redirect (http -> https) in hoster settings of my account. Doubtless the second redirect must be done in .htaccess. If I write in .htaccess the following

Redirect permanent /dir/pageone.php https://site.com/pageone.php

as I understand .htaccess will redefine hoster settings and there will be only one redirect

http://site.com/dir/pageone.php ->

Tell me, please, how can I define two redirects according to search engine expert instruction?

  • welcome ... this site is for software recommendation ... it is not for resolving problems with existing software – jsotola Sep 1 '19 at 19:58

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