I'm doing an automation tool for my team to do the daily report. The report is net worth and income verification, which is kind of standard but still different case by case.

The usual routine for team is first fill in an Excel worksheet, then to write report on Word.

I already made a version of VBA code to transfer numbers and some basic information(key word) from Excel to a Word template with empty table and key words located by content controls and bookmarks.

But some parts in the report require explanation and notations, which are not that standardized. As big as the project goes, I just feel VBA is not a good language to keep developing.

I just knew the Microsoft has the JavaScript API to build add-in. It could use the same objects like content control, range, and tables provided by Microsoft. I'm not a expert of JavaScript, but I also didn't know anything about VBA before this project.

Do you think I should go with JavaScript API or continue with VBA, or some other tools could do the job(like some libraries in Python)?


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