I have some astronomical data file (.ser) that have 8 bit BGR (data order) pixel data. 301 frames take up 7 GB of valuable space. I wish to combine some of the frames say ten (10) consecutive frames, pixel colour by pixel colour and save them in a file. I have found mmap and can use it to inspect the first 178 bytes of header information then come the frames. How do I efficiently perform the file operations. The pixels are stored as a single byte (8 bits) and the new file after combination will have two (2) bytes (16 bits) presumably as unsigned int. How can I efficiently index through the input file. Any help pointing me in the correct direction will be appreciated.


This seems to be ok

with open(file_name,"r+b") as f:

mm = mmap.mmap(f.fileno(),0) 
p_f = 10
source_frame_array = bytearray(100)
source_frame_array = mm.read ()


with open(write_file,"r+b") as w:

for n_f in range (0,int(3)):

    for n_p in range (0, p_f):
        n_e = 0
        for n_e in range (0, 5): 
            n_e = n_e+n_e # the work
            w.write(n_e.to_bytes(2,"little")) # plant in file


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