Desktop email client for Windows with a classic UI that handles multiple accounts gracefully

I'd like a desktop email client that handle multiple accounts gracefully with a !clean UI/UX for Windows. I have been unable to find one, but Thunderbird comes close. Thunderbird can almost do what I want in multiple tabs, but BlueMail has a selector switch at the top of the payne, and that's also a good solution. I don't like the "clean" UI, so BlueMail is probably not going to win.

Conceptually, I'd like something similar to separate and independent GMail tabs in a browser. Outside of this hypothetical, you have to have one browser window in private mode for them to be completely independent though.


  • Free or low cost (<=$100) 1 time payment
  • Run on Windows 7 (as opposed to a WMP Win10 app)
  • Be downloadable software, not a service
  • Some graceful mechanism to switch between accounts; tabs, a selector, etc.
  • Does not cross the streams of the accounts; no forced unified mailbox, no default sender that's a different account, etc.
  • Work with multiple different email providers (GMail and secure/private providers), some of which are the same (ie 2+ GMail accounts)
  • PGP or similar standards compliant encryption mechanism

Nice to haves

  • Community of extensions like Thunderbird enjoys
  • Not be an Electron "app" (HowTo Geek)
  • Open source, FLOSS, etc.

Must not haves

  • Subscription based
  • Forced unified inbox
  • "Clean UI"; I don't like my eyes bleeding, so you can keep your "Clean UI" tyvm. Things like the new Office 2016/Win10 style that are all white with no contrast are the biggest examples of offenders.
  • Vacuum up my PII / spy on me
  • Does not install new software
  • I don't want to run it in my overcrowded browser session, regardless if it's locally hosted or in fluffyland somewhere


If there's a different way to get a similar result, I'm all in. For example, a browser full of specially crafted webmail tabs or something.

I think something like Franz, Station, Wavebox, or similar might work, but those are geared towards messaging rather than just email. I haven't explored them yet. Since they are SaaS/web based, that probably wonn't work though.

Things I've tried that didn't fit this RFS (Request For Software)

  • Thunderbird. Almost does what I want. I may just have to live with multiple windows.
  • eM Client - The different accounts are different folders, and thus there's a lot of scrolling up and down. Nothing keeps them visually separate. Aside from that, it does handle things mostly like I'd want though.
  • BlueMail - I love BlueMail on Android, but on Windows it has a brilliant white no contrast UI, or a dark and fuzzy UI. It's a shame, but I can't consider this until the UI gets fixed, or I can somehow modify it myself by adding a theme or something.
  • Outlook - I use Outlook at work, and generally like it. For multiple accounts, as far as I can tell, it would have a lot of the similar problems as eM Client. Also, it's one of Microsoft's tools to vacuum up your PII and install whatever they want on your system (Surprise, you have Teams!), so that's basically malware and therefore right out.

Things that I've checked out that didn't look like a good fit, so I didn't download them

  • Zimbra - is being discontinued, so that kills any ability to learn or get support.
  • Free Mail Commander - Looks like it's too old school to support things like tabs.

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