I have system metrics stored in SQL and MySQL tables on a few different connections. I want to display these as a helpful Systems Monitor UI for those on the network that they can access through their web browser.


  1. Host these as a web app on a network server so those that enter IP:port_name can access the app through their web browser.

  2. Return an SQL queries in the form of tables or grid, formatted in a user-friendly way.

  3. Update the queries every time someone refreshes the page through their browser as to get up to date system metrics.

  4. Use python.

I had previously accomplished this using a combination of eclipse, Tomcat Apache, and vaadin. I am trying to make an initiative towards python, thus the requirement of using this as part of the tool.

I have been previously recommended django and flask. It appears for how simple my app is, that django would be overkill. Most of the flask resources I see are more useful for writing to a SQL DB rather than displaying result sets. I may be wrong here so please do not hesitate to use flask as the answer if you believe this to be the best option. I am new to the python world and I am a little overwhelmed with the options and want to ensure I choose a best practice route.

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