We need to convert HTML templates to PDF files from our Asp.Net web application to produce business documents.

As a first choice, we have been using EVO HTML to PDF Converter (EvoPDF) for a year, but as the volume and the complexity of our templates grows, we realize that although it's a correct library, it has flaws that we can't accept :

  • Very slow rendering of relatively big html tables
  • Time of rendering almost doubled if adding a header, almost tripled with both header and footer
  • And moreover, the support services are ineffective and not very responsive

So we are now looking for a serious alternative, with the following needs :

  • Fast conversion of HTML to PDF
  • Accurate CSS3 rendering
  • Bootstrap grid system support
  • Fontawesome support
  • Header and footer capabilities
  • Page numbering
  • Serious and responsive assistance

We tested unsuccessfully :

  • IronPDF : fast, but no bootstrap grid system support
  • iText7 : fast, but no bootstrap grid system support (waiting for a support answer)

We are aware of the following :

Of course, we are not necessarily looking for a free product

[Edit :]

About EvoPDF : after some insistance, we finally obtained some advices from the support that practically solve our issues.

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