I've been working on my first serious web project for about 6 months now - the time has now come to deploy it. I am a complete noob and this is new territory but equally this site is very important so need to get it right.

I've been using Xammp (mysql, apache) during dev and the site is written in html, css, php, jquery.

I'm now looking for a host for mysql servers.

Have recommendations for AWS aurora but it seems quite complicated and pretty heavy duty.

This site is not complex although it is dynamic and hopefully will have around 2500 users. In terms of complexity it consists of a blog/forum/messaging service/file-sharing platform with complete reliance on mysql database for all of these functions.

Any recommendations are sincerely appreciated - happy to pursue AWS just wanted to ensure there aren't any more simple solutions.

Thanks a million guys

  • Is there a reason you don't self host it on your own hardware? – cybernard Aug 28 '19 at 1:26
  • Hardware cost and maintenance is too much. Would much rather get to grips with a managed server for the sake of flexibility. – Bruce Jayasinghe Aug 28 '19 at 7:29

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