I have ran an experiment where I have RT and repsonse magnitude measurments for people steering a ground vehicle.

My experiment aims to see whether steering behaviours (measured via RTs and magnitude) can be modelled using evidence accumulation (for example, models such as the drift diffusion model).

I'm using R as my programming language. I'm aware of the "rtdists" package that allows you to implement DDM and LBA, however these are made for two-choice decision tasks that have an upper and lower boundary... my task is only a one-choice decision process (to steer or not to steer).

I know I could "bodge" the above package/functions and make my data into a two-choice task, however it doesn't work nicely. I would ideally like a package that allows me to model one-choice decision tasks using evidence accumulation. Does anybody know of such a package?

Many thanks in advance!

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