I've been looking for a JS library for lists that allows me to:

  1. Create a grid or it being able to search inside a div for data, basically "hey, inside this div, each child is a list item" type of thing.
  2. Search these items based on certain tags.
  3. Sort them by tags.

But none seems to allow me to put tags on these items. For example, my use-case is a bunch of demos and each demo has components that can be installed. I'd like for my users to see that a demo has components installed by visual cues (meaning it'll have to be tagged as "installed") and for me to display these first because I might have 30-40 demos and I'd like to show these that have components installed first.

Been through isotope, fuse.js and so on but none seem to have the capability.

What should I be looking for?

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